NetSuite Pricing

Contact us for a FREE no obligation quote on NetSuite licencing and implementation services. With over 27 years experience we can make this an easy process for you.

BM Online will work with you to make sure you get the right NetSuite Pricing combination of NetSuite licensing. You’ll only pay for the licensing and services you need. We’re confident you’ll find the NetSuite  licensing affordable. Software licensing can start as low as $119 ex GST per user monthly and still be rich in functionality. We can offer a fixed price for services with defined outcomes for your NetSuite implementation. This gives you the comfort that you will get the result you expected at an agreed price with no extra or hidden charges for the outcomes defined. We can also offer “pay as you go” services, which is ideal for start up companies or businesses that already have NetSuite in house experience. Mention that you have been to our web site and we will offer you a 5% discount off our current account hourly rate.

Also learn how you can finance the first three years of NetSuite licencing for 7 users and implementation services for around $1,580* a month over 36 months. Conditions apply.


*Figure is an estimate only. Monthly payment can vary depending upon current interest rate.

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