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SuiteSuccess engineering lifetime customer success with one system

BM Online’s NetSuite ERP and TCS POS retail software gives you the only fully customisable single data source cloud-based ERP and point of sale solution available, with everything you need and want in one view.

Helping you achieve greater efficiencies by consolidating systems and eliminating information silos using one single NetSuite data repository, giving you the most profitable and flexible up-to-date solutions to meet the demands of ever-changing retail conditions.

One System – Unlimited Possibilities

Three technology trends that will transform your retail business:

One Data Source – unify all channels

Wholesale and retail eCommerce businesses with and without a retail presence are achieving rapid growth and efficiencies with “native” one single data source technology. It unifies your on- and offline commerce with all of your operational systems.


Customisation - scale and grow

Solutions tailor made for the needs of your business processes and customers. Built into one system from new and existing customer channels, sales, POS, CRM, stock and supplier management, right through to financials and after sales support. One source of data with real time information to efficiently manage your entire business. 

POS - true integration

Increased sales achieved with a 360° single view of your customer across all point-of-sale touch points and locations improving service and loyalty with a superior and modern POS to deliver a seamless shopping experience across store, web and mobile.


One System – NetSuite and TCS POS for Retail

BM Online’s NetSuite and TCS POS for retail truly integrates your business operations in real-time without having to maintain separate software systems, giving you with greater confidence in your business intelligence.

Leaders in NetSuite Intelligent Phased Implementation

Our CPA experienced NetSuite consultants have implemented business solutions for over 20 years. Our team have assisted hundreds of businesses to achieve greater success with customised solutions using the worlds #1 cloud ERP and POS.

Using the SuiteSuccess methodology find out how you can be up and running in under 100 days.

BM Online NetSuite Stairway for Retailers

See how we can help you achieve your goals.  

Following the NetSuite Stairway for Retailers ensures you gain value earlier than traditional ERP systems.

The Four Key Pillars of SuiteSuccess are:


A complete suite to support the modern business including ERP, CRM, PSA, omnichannel commerce, HR and Business Intelligence (BI) built on the ORACLE NetSuite cloud platform, continually updated with leading edge capabilities and technologies, to support all industries.


Leading practices for each industry and role including workflows, KPI reports, dashboards and metrics. With the flexibility to personalise on the ORACLE NetSuite platform from the initial sales contact to on-going after-sales support. With these leading practices, value is added at each stage of the engagement process.


Intelligent staged approach via ORACLE NetSuite’s industry stairway allows companies to consume capabilities based on their business needs. A re-imagined consumption model drives faster time to value, better ROI and greater user adoption. Companies can now go from zero to cloud in 100 days


Customers benefit from continuous engagement, updated leading practices, new feature releases, value added SuiteCloud partners, and movement up the stairway. Customers also are always on the latest release.

Customer Case Study: 99 Bikes

How our digital transformation accelerated rapid expansion for  99 Bikes, Australia’s largest bike retailer.

Trusted by retailers Australia wide.

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  • Battery World is Australia’s leading retailer of batteries and accessories. Battery World is a franchise-based business and currently has over 112 retail outlets all across Australia.All the retail outlets use NetSuite as the core retail management system. Post implementation, a critical need arose to find a robust Point-Of-Sale system that integrates with Netsuite. The main objectives of the new Point-Of-Sale system were:

    • Ease of use
    • Customizable to meet current and new business systems
    • Reduce integration issues with Netsuite
    • Easy to deploy and train new staff

    After considerable amount of time spent on researching available options, Battery World selected TCS POS for Netsuite as the new Point-Of-Sale system.

    TCS POS roll-out to 112 stores took about 9 months through a phased roll-out approach. The roll-out, training and transition process to the new TCSPOS Point-Of-Sale system was smooth with little to no hiccups. Battery World was responsible for the TCS POS roll out with support from the TCS POS support team.

    Post TCS POS roll out, Battery World has reengineered the retail process to make it more efficient. TCS POS support team have worked closely with Battery World Support office and have provided Battery World franchisees with continuous enhancements in:

    • Stock control
    • Reporting
    • Customer experience

    Battery World is extremely happy with TCS POS and recommends it for any retail operation using the Netsuite ERP system.

    Vasuki Prasad
    IT Manager Battery World
  • 99 Bikes is a leading supplier of bikes and biking accessories in Australia. Currently with 49 stores Australia wide and will be expanding the number of stores in the coming years. 99 Bikes is excited to announce the opening of up to 5 stores in New Zealand in the coming year.


    99 Bikes uses TCS POS to process more than one million transactions each year via these retail outlets. 99 Bikes went live with TCS POS with 2 test sites in November 2019. We then rolled out TCS POS to all other stores in January 2020. The implementation was relatively easy and the team at TCS POS was very helpful. Their knowledge of NetSuite processes made it easy to customise TCS POS to meet the needs of 99 Bikes. TCS POS works directly with NetSuite so there no integration, which is brilliant. There is no reconciliation or integration issues. NetSuite data is immediately updated so stock levels, pricing, customer data and item details are available in real time. With over 500 employees we need a system that is easy to use and easy for staff to learn. 99 Bikes is excited with to develop more custom business process using TCS POS in the future. 99 Bikes recommends TCS POS as a point of sale system for NetSuite.

    Owen McLeod
    Digital Leader 99 Bikes
  • Fink’s Jewelry is a family owned Jewelry retail chain. Fink’s has been operating in the North East for over 80 years and currently has 11 retail outlets. Fink’s needed to upgrade the operations and finance systems in the business, and selected NetSuite as the best system for the company. The challenge was to find a point of sale system that would work with Netsuite and perform the unique retail processes required in store. We investigated a few, including the standard NetSuite offering but decided on TCS POS. TCS POS was well-priced and could be modified to meet the in-store processes we required. TCS POS came with some excellent references from other US companies already using TCS POS and NetSuite. After a ten-month configuration process with Netsuite, the TCS product was added in just two months, and all stores were operational in July of 2020. The addition of TCS was relatively seamless and working with the TCS support staff was easy. The simplistic design of TCS POS ensured the training of our retail staff was an easy task. We will be further modifying TCS POS as we learn of the capabilities of both Netsuite and TCS POS. Fink’s is extremely happy with TCS POS and recommends TCS POS as a great solution for retailers who want to simply and enhance their NetSuite installations.

    Todd Stafford
    VP Information Systems at Fink’s Jewelers, Inc.
  • Kurtz Bros., Inc. is a leader in the landscape supply and waste-to-resource industry in the state of Ohio. They have nine store locations, one call center, six production operations, and hundreds of employees that handle daily activities that include processing orders, quoting customers, managing daily inventory and operations, as well as invoicing and account management.In 2019, Kurtz Bros. selected to implement Netsuite for their ERP system and required a point of sale to integrate into Netsuite. Due to the complex processes involved, the point of sale system needed to be flexible and customizable to meet Kurtz Bros.’ needs. After a selection process, TCS POS for Netsuite was determined to be the best fit for their operations.


    The TCS support team was quick to understand our unique process and modify TCS POS to meet our business requirements. The TCS POS support team was extremely helpful and worked well with the other vendors to provide a complete solution. Their knowledge of Netsuite assisted in providing the solution we required to serve our customers TCS POS is easy to use and works inside Netsuite, avoiding reconciliation issues, and duplicate data. Pricing, customer data, promotions, and stock levels are live on the POS system with no interfacing of data. Now that the go-live is settling down, we have started to modify TCS POS to streamline our process and gain further efficiency in the point of sale.


    I recommend TCS POS as the best POS system to use if your business ERP system is Netsuite. There would be no other system we could use with Netsuite. Not only is the functionality of the system a perfect fit, but our contacts Richard and Meera have made a traditionally tough transition enjoyable. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at TCS POS.

    Traci Ward
    Marketing Coordinator Kurtz Bros., Inc.
  • Capt. Harry’s Fishing Supply is a leading supplier of fishing tackle and accessories in the Florida region and on-line. We have been in business for 50 years. We began using Netsuite 5 years ago and found their POS unsuitable for the business. Therefore we switched to TCS POS about 2 years ago and been extremely satisfied with the system. We use the system in store and different boat trade shows throughout the year. The use at the trade shows saves so much time as there is no need to rekey data and all stock levels and prices are live. The setup of different shows is painless. TCS POS is easy to set up and configure to meet the business needs. The support team is readily available to modify the system when requested. Captain Harry is definitely more efficient with TCS POS and the subscription costs are more competitive than Netsuite We are happy we moved from the Netsuite POS to TCS. I recommend it for any company using Netsuite and requires a point of sale system.

    Kim Vernon
    Operations Manager Capt. Harry’s Fishing Supply
  • The Kabbalah Centre is an international spiritual not for profit organization, selling spiritual products and ticketed services and events throughout the world The Kabbalah Centre has physical locations in USA, UK, Mexico, Europe and Canada. Before TCS each location had its own local point of sale solution with complex interfaces and synchronization. Each store had unique requirements around items, reconciliation, inventory, pricing and the selling tickets for spiritual events. We replaced the local point of sales in each store with TCS POS. Since TCS POS uses the NetSuite system we have achieved a uniformed and centralized control point of sale for all our stores. TCS POS has made training easy and pricing and stock levels accurate. There is no syncing of data, so day end processes are seamless. The TCS POS team has assisted in streamlining processes in both point of sale and NetSuite. The staff have been very helpful in helping us understand NetSuite capabilities to improve both backend and frontend processes The unique way TCS POS can be customized has meant that our stores can link data relating to ticket availability for our spiritual events. This had made an improved customer experience. We recommend TCS POS as a great point of sale solution for any NetSuite user.

    Alex Lerner
    Chief Technology Officer The Kabbalah Centre
  • Totally Workwear is a leading supplier of workwear, PPE, workboots etc. We operate as a franchise with 6 retail outlets in Norther NSW and Southern QLD. We use Netsuite for all our finance and operational processing and reports. From the day we implemented Netsuite we have struggled with a POS system for the retail outlets. We tried a few different POS system and all caused chaos for our staff and stock levels and reporting. This inevitably lead to a poor customer satisfaction and ultimately lost sales. In my business if the stock is not available and the customer unhappy, then the customer goes somewhere else. TCS POS solved all our problems. Now we have a POS system that works seamlessly with Netsuite. Pricing and stock levels are accurate and customers more satisfied. The staff are happier to use a system that is accurate and caused few issues. The system is so simple to use that training new staff is quick and easy. Recently we implemented signature requirements for account customers. TCS POS sync perfectly and we save hours every week when chasing accounts as the signature is stored directly in Netsuite. I recommend TCS POS to any business that requires an accurate and easy to use POS system.

    Soraya Barnham
    Owner Totally Workwear


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