Who Should Do This Course?

This course is intended for people who wish to learn how to set up and use the payroll features in NetSuite Payroll.

About The Course

This course aims to increase your productivity by providing the skills and knowledge to use the payroll features of NetSuite Payroll. It takes the learner through setting up NetSuite Payroll, entering employee details, conduction manual and electronic pay runs, managing entitlements and end-of-year tasks. A hands-on approach is taken during this course. The exercises are designed to impart relevant skills and knowledge by having participants work through real-life examples and scenarios.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Setup Payroll
  2. Add employee payroll details in Payroll
  3. Conduct pay runs in Payroll
  4. Create, modify and pay employee entitlements
  5. Use the timesheets facility in Payroll
  6. Display payroll information and generate reports
  7. Fulfill end of month, end of quarter, and end of year pay­roll obligations.

Section 1

Setting Up Payroll

  • Overview Of Payroll

  • Setting Up Basic Payroll Information

  • Understanding Payroll Groups

  • Creating A New Deduction

  • Enhancing Payroll Accounts

  • Linking Accounts

Section 2

Setting Up Employees

  • Overview Of Employees

  • Employees In The Case Study

  • Creating An Employee Card

  • Entering Payroll Details for Salaried Employees

  • Entering Payroll Details for Hourly Employees

  • Entering Payroll History

  • Employee Banking Details

  • Splitting Electronic Payments

  • Setting Up Employees Quick Reference

Section 3

Conducting A Pay Run

  • Conducting A Pay Run Overview

  • Setting Up Bank Details For Electronic Payments

  • Paying Salaried Employees

  • Preparing Electronic Payments

  • Paying Hourly Employees

  • Printing Payroll Advice Slips

  • Running A Summary Report

Section 4


  • Overview Of Entitlements

  • Modifying Existing Entitlements

  • Understanding Entitlements

  • Creating New Entitlements

  • Applying Entitlements

  • Entitlements For Hourly Employees

  • Entitlements For Salaried Employees

  • Reviewing Entitlements

  • Running Entitlement Reports

Section 5


  • Overview Of Timesheets

  • Preparing Employee Cards For Timesheets

  • Entering Data Into Timesheets

  • Conducting A Pay Run Using Timesheets

  • Creating Subsequent Timesheets

  • Running Timesheet Reports

  • Timesheets Quick Reference

Section 6

Payroll Information

  • Overview Of Payroll Information

  • Analysing Employee Pays

  • Payroll Groups

  • Payroll Summary Reports

Section 7

Payroll Obligations

  • Overview Of Payroll Obligations

  • Checking Payroll Liabilities

  • Paying the PAYG Withholdings

  • Paying Deductions

  • Paying Superannuation Guarantee Contributions

  • Reviewing Liability Payments

  • Payroll End Of Year Obligations

  • Creating Payment Summaries

  • Starting A New Year

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