TCS VETtrak connector for NetSuite seamlessly links Student information, Course information and Enrolments for NetSuite and VETtrak using Web Services / API technology. Get your information real-time. Remove double handling and time consuming Excel spreadsheets. Contact BM Online for further information at [email protected]

VETtrak RTO software is a desktop system designed to suit all types of training organisations. Large or small, simple or complex, we have a solution for your business. RTOs everywhere use VETtrak. You can install and manage the database yourself or let us manage it for you through secure hosting facilities located in Australia.

Record using VETtrak

  • Enrolment information
  • Placements and workplace visits
  • Attendance lists
  • Training contracts

Manage using VETtrak

  • Training venues
  • Trainers
  • Events
  • Waiting lists
  • Invoicing, receipts and payments

Report using VETtrak

  • AVETMISS and CCQI compliant reports
  • User choice claims
  • Financial reports
  • Custom/ad hoc reports

Communicate using VETtrak

  • Create and manage email templates
  • Load personalised data into email messages 
  • Send individual or batch email or SMS messages to students or employers

VETtrak Products

VETtrak Basic

This is the simplest VETtrak product.  This product allows you to record all the details of your training agreements/contracts and the enrolments associated with them. You can also obtain a wide range of reports on that information, including AVETMISS and CCQI reporting, as well as the reports required for generating your User Choice claims.

VETtrak Basic is for organisations that are in the process of becoming an RTO, and RTOs that have low numbers of students enrolled in nationally accredited training.  This product is perfect for small RTOs needing to support simple business processes.

VETtrak Standard

VETtrak Standard is one of the most popular VETtrak products.  It easily manages large volumes of trainees and simple invoicing for those trainees.  You can also see an easy Gantt-chart style view of all your courses, and maintain a waiting list for your various programs.  VETtrak Standard allows you to set up courses and their associated classes, enrol students in the classes, and create invoices and receive payment for the enrolments.

VETtrak Standard is perfect for any sized RTO that wishes to manage more complex business processes.

VETtrak Plus

VETtrak Plus is a very popular product and is for organisations that manage trainees and apprentices. VETtrak Plus supports more advanced traineeship management and allows you to record extra information about your trainees, such as workplace visits and other events, work placements and training plans. VETtrak Plus also includes Events and more advanced invoicing functionality so that you can invoice all types of enrolments and employers.

VETtrak Plus is perfect for any sized RTO that wishes to manage a greater range of more complex business processes.

VETtrak Pro

VETtrak Pro is our top of the line product designed specifically for organisations that deliver training in the corporate environment, but are also useful for those who want a more detailed view of their regular course offerings.

VETtrak Pro contains all the VETtrak features including the Bookings feature, which allows you to enrol organisations as well as individuals. You can also record notes about venues, parking arrangements and other information about course bookings, and see a detailed daily view of your course offerings. Also includes the ability to schedule invoices to be created at set intervals throughout a contract or enrolment. You can set up profiles (templates) for contracts and all information associated with them.