Advantages of SmartFreight®

Bi-directional interface to NetSuite

KPI analysis on freight

Invoice reconciliation

Powerful reporting

Real time freight tracking

Real-time visibility freight costs

Shipment Optimisation

No “double capture” between NetSuite and your freight management solution

The integration to NetSuite includes the following key features

Creating a new connote

The user creates the new delivery or fulfilment in NetSuite and marks it as “Ready for SmartFreight”. This triggers the integration with SmartFreight to generate the connote based on the defaults as defined in the system.

Tracking data from IFS to NetSuite

Data is synced from the SmartFreight system to the NetSuite – including the tracking number and freight costs.

Warehouse carrier sender account mapping

Sender account details can be specified at a warehouse/Location level.

Receiver IFS account and charge to default

The receiver IFS account number will be determined by a combination of the base documents in NetSuite (customer) and the selected freight carrier.

Sender address

The sender address details will default to the address found on the warehouse or location record on the fulfillment.

Freight lines

User can set defaults for the size and dimensions of the package items. These get defaulted on the consignment line level when the package item is selected on the Fulfillment.

Multi-company support

The NetSuite / IFS SmartFreight® integration operates across a NetSuite One multi-company environment.

Customer (NetSuite) carrier mapping

The association of a freight carrier/service or range of carries/services to a customer in NetSuite.

Shipping options

Select the SmartFreight Shipping option on each order/fulfillment (defaults from the
customer address defaults record):
          * Specific Carrier/Service
          * Least cost
          * Least Transit Time
          * Use Receiver defaults on SmartFreight

Receiver address

The receiver address will be obtained from the address specified by the user on the shipping tab of the Item Fulfilment document in NetSuite which usually defaults from the Sales Order/Customer.

Delivery options

Delivery options can be defaulted from the shipping type specified on the base document. If any defaults are found, they will be selected when the screen opens for the first time.

As detailed above, the team at BM Online has invested a great deal of energy developing this NetSuite / SmartFreight® solution . If you are a NetSuite user looking for a multi-carrier, freight management solution then SmartFreight® integration from the team at BM Online will provide the answers that you are looking for.

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